Moose Country Minute – July 29 2017


Those who remember the Red Green Show will remember how he often said that, if you can’t be handsome, you might as well be handy.

Well, I am neither.

A few weeks ago, I commented here on how I let my son-in-law, who is both handsome and handy, to pick up my fishing boat, knowing in the back of my mind that he was probably going to run into starter problems.

The deal is this: You wanted the boat, now you have to fix it. It’s the unwritten quid pro quo of successful relationships.

So, the son-in-law hauled the boat up to Round Lake near the town of Killaloe, knowing in the back of his mind that his father was already there.

And he is definitely handy.

He can build anything, and fix anything. If he is challenged, all the better. It’s a motivator.

So, my son-in-law knew in advance that all he had to do to get his father to fix the boat is to suggest the job might be a little over his head.

And, bingo, he’s on the job like white on rice.

Just about now, a new starter solenoid, ordered online, will be getting installed in an outboard engine that is almost 40 years old.

The entire thing had been well-played from the start.

I got my boat hauled out of storage, my son-in-law passed on the fix to his father, his father fixed the boat, his father will be going fishing in it, my son-in-law will fish in it too, and then he will deliver it to me in Ottawa.

So far, I haven’t even lifted a finger.

It could not have worked out better.


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