Moose Country Minute – June 03 2017


If you did not take advantage of the May 2-4 weekend to head out into the great outdoors to do the family bonding thing by camping in the woods, then congratulations.

You did the right thing. You’re a genius.

Never in my life have I ever seen the black flies this bad. They’re been attacking in swarms, and flying away with great hunks of flesh and blood.

Anyone with any brains was wearing those nets that go over their head, and had them wrapped tight with duct tape. Ditto their sleeves and pant legs.

It’s been a spring from hell.

My ears are swollen. My neck is now a size 18. My hands look like I’ve been in a fist fight with a food blender.

I’ve gone through tubes of after-bite like I used to go through a case of 24.

As of this writing, the black flies are not even close to disappearing for another year, and the mosquitoes are now fighting with them over who gets the blood.

They have their own war going on.

It has been one rainy day after another, which brings out the next generation of black fly and there has not been enough hot days in succession up in my neck of the woods to knock the black flies down a peg or two.

My advice to anyone thinking about taking a canoe or camping trip? Think again.

Think the end of June instead.

Wait at least until the bass season opens and, by then, God willing. it will just be the mosquitoes bringing their form of hell to your campsite.

There’s never total escape. Never.


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