Moose Country Minute – June 09 2018


Because of deadline, I wrote and recorded this before I knew who the new premier of this province is.

This is probably for the better, but surely to God this will not be going to air with Kathleen Wynne still having a seat in Queen’s Park.

For those of us who enjoy the outdoors—who fish and hunt, go boating and camping—you can tell a great deal about what our provincial government thinks of us by who it appoints to cabinet as Minister of Natural Resources.

I am willing to bet the pinks to the kayak, in fact, that there are not more than two people listening right now who can name the Liberal who was in charge of our natural resources.

Give up?

Well, it was Nathalie Des Rosiers, a Montreal-born lawyer and academic who comes from rural backwater of downtown Ottawa and was elected in a byelection two years ago.

Only 56, she already has the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada and is known to be an expert on civil liberties and constitutional law.

If she has a fishing licence, I couldn’t tell you.

But she appears to be a book worm, not a hook baiter.

It will be interesting, therefore, to see who is sworn in as our next Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

It will certainly answer the question as to whether the new government gives two hoots about our great outdoors.

The Liberals never really gave a damn.

Unless, of course, they saw an endangered Blanding’s turtle trying to cross the road.

Only then would their world stop.