Moose Country Minute – June 10 2017


I drive a lot of back roads. If I am not pressed for time, the long way is the way I usually go.

You get to see more, and in more ways than one.

Along back country roads, you get to see things you will not normally see in the city, and would rightfully cause a stir if they suddenly appeared.

There are rural folk, after all, who do not see the racism of having a cement lawn ornament of a little black boy with a fishing pole in his hands.

There are more of those out there north of the big city than you might care to think. Lots in fact.

But there is also humour to be found.

There is a beaver dam on the outskirts of Bancroft, for example, that can be seen from the road–with the best view coming as you are travelling east to west.

It is likely the only beaver dam in the country with a satellite dish and a Canadian flag flying atop of it.

Yes, home sweet home.

Whoever placed the flag and the satellite dish atop the beaver dam is to be congratulated for ingenuity, because it makes me laugh every time I drive by it.

It’s brilliant.

You can almost picture the beaver snuggled up in his den watching the NHL playoffs, but not with the same interest he did when the Ottawa Senators were still in the hunt.

Or tuning in to Netflix and watching the fifth season of House of Cards as that dastardly duo, Francis and Claire Underwood, regain control of the White House.

Just passing time this beaver is.

Just chilling out.

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