Moose Country Minute – June 14 2014


If you are in your thirties and have not been close to your father because your own life has gotten in the way, do yourself a favor tomorrow and ask him to go off fishing with you.
Not tomorrow on Father’s Day necessarily, but sometime soon. And then commit yourself to it.
I became estranged from my own father for a time, mainly when I moved out west following college, and it continued when I moved back east to start working for the Windsor Star.
Going home to Brockville from Windsor was too long a trip. Another day perhaps, but not this day.
My life had gotten in the way. I was just starting out. My mind was on my career. It couldn’t wait but my father could, or so I thought.
My father died on Father’s Day in 1980. I was in my early thirties, and although that may seem old enough that I should remember him well, my memories of him have faded as more time passes.
Except for one. The time when we went fishing together after years of absent-minded absence.
He talked about it to his friends whenever he could, and even remembered that we talked about out in that rental boat on the St. Lawrence.
Thinking back now, I can’t imagine that one weekend not existing.
Do it for your dad. Do it for yourself.


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