Moose Country Minute – June 17 2017


If you watch enough television, you have undoubtedly seen the commercials touting Participactlon’s 150 physical things to do to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Among the list is flying a kite, climbing a tree, water polo and the knuckle hop, whatever that is.

It have done none of these, but if I have done the knuckle hop it’s because I didn’t know what it was.

So, who knows?

I do not know exactly how Participaction came up with the 150 things to do, but they are not in alphabetical order.

No. 1 is canoeing–very Canadian, that one–and No. 150 is hiking.

I have done neither of those, at least not yet.

What I have done is walk. And, because it is 2017, I have also done housework. Yay me!

But where is the brownnosing entry? It should be right there, following housework.

But it doesn’t even get a mention.

Fishing, by the way, came in at 100, snowmobiling at 115 and snow shovelling at 132.

I’ve done all three of those.

What was not listed was black fly swatting, mosquito killing and nuking hornets’ nests.

If bird watching can be included, then why not these three pastimes which are inescapable in rural areas?

Anyhow, it is now exactly two weeks until Canada Day, and I have participated in less than 10% of Participaction’s 150 activities.

I suspect I will not get them all in.

So why try?


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