Moose Country Minute – June 21 2014


Now where was I before being so rudely interrupted by a Liberal majority government?

Oh, yes, I was thinking of going walleye fishing but never got the chance.

But it doesn’t matter. Bass season is just one week away and finally — finally — I have removed the winter cover from my 14-foot tinny.

It was a bloodbath for all the copulating  mosquitoes that were using the standing water in the collapsed winter cover as a breeding ground.

Trillions no doubt died, but I shed not a tear for them since they were one of God’s big mistakes, along with black flies and flip flops.

The most fun I had last year was when Pete Bowman came up to Bapiste Lake and we fished the waters that I know fairly well, and went on a hunt for Pete’s favourite species – the largemouth.

I learned a lot.

When you go fishing with Pete, you go on the hunt. You do not sit in the boat, shooting the breeze and allowing time to pleasantly pass.

No, you’re up and down more than a toilet seat in a co-ed university residence during frosh week.

Only seven more sleeps ….

Then the real summer begins.


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