Moose Country Minute – June 23 2018


I spent Father’s Day at our daughter and son-in-law’s rural home south of Ottawa that backs onto the large swath of rather dense bushland.

The day was spent in the backyard, by the pool, and with the barbeque smoking away loaded up with burgers.

My son-in-law has two hunting dogs, both who spent the afternoon searching the bush for anything that moved.

At the end of the day, our daughter spent close to an hour combing through their fur looking for deer ticks.

She found two.

Deer ticks, of course, are the prime carriers of Lyme Disease, an often debilitating sickness that doesn’t care who you are or what you are doing.

Rock star Avril Lavinge, formerly from the town of  Picton, Ont., contracted Lyme Disease a few years back and was sicker than a dog for the longest of time.

Dr. Curtis Russell, a biologist with Public Health Ontario, told the CBC a year ago at this time that the deer tick population in the province is on the rise, and for folks to take precautions—like long sleeves and long pants, with light-coloured clothing so that ticks are more easily spotted.

Do you know where one of the worst spots was last year?

It was Centre Island in Toronto, not the wilds of northern Ontario or in cottage country.

When we got home on Father’s Day, both my wife and I checked ourselves out for ticks because we have wandered into the bush in search of our kids’ dogs.

We were tick free.

Check first, worry later. Be wise.