Moose Country Minute – June 24 2017


Now that we have reached what is considered Geezer Age, which to millennials is anything over 40, my wife thinks it is time we consider RV-ing.

You know, buy one of those jumped-up Winnebagos campers but not one with the Winnebago price tag.

And smaller. Much smaller. Plus light as a feather.

I have a hard time understanding my wife, even after 30-plus years of marriage. Up until now, her idea of camping has been a hotel room without a mini-bar.

That was her idea of roughing it. Now she wants to tramp all over North America in a rolling tin car.

I plan to play along, of course. Appeasement being the key, and then deflection.

Maybe her desire will fade over time.

There is a lot of consider when buying an RV. Like where do you store it in the winter. It’s not as if you can park it in a Walmart parking lot and leave it there for eight months.

No, all this stuff has to be sorted out.

Myself, I’d rather do long road trips with a motel awaiting at the end of each day, and dinner is a different diner.

The idea of cooking in a camper trailer or a drive-it RV is not my idea of having fun.

And I didn’t think it was my wife’s idea of fun, either.

What flipped her switch was a visit last summer of friends from Calgary who drove across country in one of the high-end all-in-one units, and stopped by to visit us.

My wife thought it was luxury on wheels, and just the ticket for us as our Golden Years draw nearer.

The price tag, however, was over $100,000.

That’s a lot of nights at the Motel 6.


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