Moose Country Minute – March 03 2018


My copy of the Bancroft Times arrived in the mail the other day, with idiots who break hunting rules and regulations again making the front page.

Hunters — as in real hunters, the law-abiding and respectful harvesters of game — love nothing better than seeing offenders getting big fines and severe tongue lashings.

And I am with them on that one, having lived up in North Hastings for more than 30 years, both part-time and full-time.

There was the $3,000 fine to Wayne O’Brien of Trenton, who somehow thought it was okay to shoot from the roadside, and through a homeowner’s property, to bag a deer.

The fact that he had no licence to hunt deer obviously never crossed his mind, either.

Then there was Stephen Smith, also of Trenton — what’s with these Trenton guys anyway? — who was fined $1,250 for unlawfully shooting a black bear without a licence.

His buddy, Rodney Forge of Frankford, Ontario, was fined $500 for putting his bear seal on his pal’s kill.

And, finally, at least for this edition of the Bancroft Times, there was Ian Lavalley of Peterborough, who was fined $1,000 for shooting from the road, and not far from the snowmobile trail that I knew like the back of my hand.

What Lavalley had shot at was a deer decoy — yes, a decoy — placed in the bush not far from the roadside, specifically to catch dumb-assed people like himself.

The conservation boys from the MNR hiding in the weeds not far away, and nabbed him right away.

In fact, Lavalley was forced to admit in court that what he had done was dumb, and that he wouldn’t do it again.

No kidding. That should go without saying.