Moose Country Minute – March 04 2017



When I start reading about snow machines going through the ice near North Bay, I start thinking about packing it in for another season — just to be safer rather than sorry.

A couple of weeks ago, a 16-year-old girl from Lindsay died when the snowmobile she was riding went through the ice on Lake Scugog.

That I could understand. I would never trust the ice on Lake Scugog, even if it were 40-below for weeks on end.

The lake spooks me for some reason.

Then, last week, the front page of my local Bancroft Times newspaper carried a picture regarding the death of another snowmobiler who went through the ice on Dark Lake in the small town of Wilberforce.

Dark Lake is not that far away from Baptiste Lake, which my pal Wally McColl and I have been running for weeks.

Then the thaw came. Then that picture in the newspaper of the snowmobiler death on Dark Lake.

That did it. Unless there is a long and deep freeze in the offing, my snowmobiling season has come to an end.

It was a weird season. There was lots of snow up our way, but we also had the ice storm which left many trails unpassable because of felled trees.

The Maple Leaf Snow Skimmers club did a great job clearing up the mess, but we lost a good week of snowmobiling at the height of the season.

In the end, I managed to put about a thousand kilometres on the machine which, taking in the cost of a trail pass and insurance, works out to about $1 per kilometre, not counting the cost of gas.

But it was well worth every penny.


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