Moose Country Minute – March 14 2015


Beware the Ides of March, said the soothsayer Spurinna to Julius Caesar and, on this day back in 44 BC, just as foretold, out came the knives and down went Caesar.

Some 1,600 years later, William Shakespeare turned it into a play which high school students have been studying ever since unless the school boards have stupidly struck it from the curriculum.

Et tu, Brute? Let’s hope not.

I’ve always been superstitious of the Ides of March, and the 15th of June as well, which means I will not be snowmobiling today even if my wrecked-up machine has been fixed.

I saw it the other day in the intensive care ward of Bancroft Sport and Marine, stripped down as if dignity no longer mattered, and with new bits and pieces lying around awaiting transplant.

The insurance company agreed to fix it, even though the damage was on the plus side of $6,000, which is a lot of damage considering the throttle was only stuck on wide open for a nanosecond, and the total journey before impact was less than 30 feet.

But at least I fared better than Harrison Ford did when he crashed his plane, and was able to limp away from the wreckage.

So tomorrow it is then, that I hit the trails again.

The Ides of March in the rear view mirror.



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