Moose Country Minute – March 15 2014


So I am heading to my hidey-hole at Queen’s Park the other morning when, around the corner, comes a young woman with a big fish mounted on a wooden plaque — a taxidermy mount of what appeared to be an Asian carp.

Now I have seen many mounts in my day — including one of my own of a 8 lb. walleye that won me third place in the very first walleye tournament in Napanee that pre-dated live release.

So it wasn’t exactly yesterday.

Now the woman from the MNR carrying the Asian carp mount said it was the real deal.

I don’t believe her for a second but, what the hell, it was her show at Queen’s Park and the fish was a prop to use as a press conference to push for amendments to the invasive species act.

Now there is an absolutely nothing good to say about the Asian carp, and gutting them before they ever enter Canada is not a bad way to ensure none ever cross the border faking that they’re dead.

In fact, I’m a big proponent of an high-voltage electric fence guarding any water entry from the United States into Canada.

Next to the Frankenfish, the Asian carp ranks right up there with fish to fear.

As scary, in fact, as sharks in a salt-water pool.

   Which is why I never swim in an ocean.

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