Moose Country Minute – March 17 2018


The ice has opened up on parts of Baptiste Lake, and so the fools were out the other day running the open water on their snow machines.

My pal Wally McColl, my old snowmobiling partner, told me all about it over dinner in Ottawa where we helped him celebrate his birthday. Man, he’s getting old.

Anyhow, he was watching the fools from his cottage window. There were three guys on snow machines, a guy on a dirt bike equipped with studded tires, and a guy running a four-wheel ATV.

Only the guy on the dirt bike didn’t challenge the open water. So, not everyone is stupid.

Now I’ve run stretches of open water on my snow machine, and you can do it easily enough if you keep up the speed and don’t panic.

Fair enough. But, as Wally told me, it was the guy on the ATV who was the first of the group to try to run the open water which, to his way of thinking, had about as much chance of success as a snowball in hell.

Wally, in fact, was ready to run to his basement to get his floating rope in order to save the fool’s life—which is not something he particularly wanted to do at his age.

So he sat back and watched.

The guy hit the water at full-tilt. He saw the machine disappear, then suddenly bob up, the spinning wheels throwing water every which-way, and chewing up the ice on the other side of the open patch like a grinder.

Yet, all odds against him, the fool made it.

He was drenched, yes, but he was alive and kicking.

What a dork.