Moose Country Minute – March 18 2017



A while back, my local OPP detachment here in Bancroft, the Mineral Capital of Canada by the way, released a map showing the location of all the reported deer collisions investigated last year.

There were more than 130 in total, with the majority of the accidents concentrated within in a very small circle on the outskirts of town, which has a human population of 3,500.

So, getting out my calculator, it works out to one deer killed for every 22 people living in the town of Bancroft.

Not the best of odds for a deer, but pretty good odds for the auto body workshops in the area.

Hell, even a raccoon hit by a low-slung car can cause thousands of dollars in damages,

Now, I have had one deer collision in my lifetime, not here in Bancroft but on the outskirts of Ottawa.

I’ve recounted this before.

It was DOA for the deer the moment of impact, because I hit it broadside while doing about 80 klicks.  My half-tonne truck had the radiator pushed back, and sustained $8,000 in damages which was covered by my insurance.

The deer, however, never stood a chance.

Within an hour to so of my car being towed away, the carcass was gone, no doubt hauled off by a roadkill specialist since the area of the collision was very rural.

A quick butchering, and a cut around the bruised and busted area, and the freezer would get a good boost.

That said, there is no worst sound than flesh-and-bone being hit by a car.

I can hear it to this day, and it still produces shudders.


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