Moose Country Minute – March 21 2015


Okay, so it’s spring. It arrived yesterday at 6:45 p.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

We knew it had to come. We’ve had all the harbingers of spring. Groundhog Day, spring training in baseball and Roll Up The Rim, the one that the Millennial Generation has put on its digital calendar.

Spring, to me, doesn’t come until the Masters begins, and that’s on April 9th or thereabouts.

March Break marks the arrival of spring to anyone under the employ of government, which is why it seemed a lot less difficult to get to work last week for those of us still with jobs.

The streets were almost empty.

Me? I can’t recall ever having a March break since my student days back in college, but even then I worked behind the meat counter at the Dominion store in order to pay my room and board.

These are the dead days for a sportsperson.  Ice huts in many regions had to be off the lakes by last Sunday and, as for snowmobiling, the trails have just about been chewed up by now.

So, how was your winter, besides being long?

Environment Canada’ senior climatologist David Phillips warned us this week that Nature seduces us into thinking that winter is over.

But not so fast, he says, warning that April can be a cruel month. Or, in my vernacular, a kick in the @$$ with a still-frozen muckluck.


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