Moose Country Minute – March 31 2018


So tomorrow marks the first day when April showers are supposedly about to start bringing on May flowers.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Spring was officially sprung upon us a week ago, but here in the nation’s capital, winter is hanging on like gangrene follows frostbite.

It won’t go away.

It was the worst winter ever, at least in my books. Either it was too cold to go snowmobiling—I cut it off when the mercury hits 30-below—or there wasn’t enough snow on the trails to merit going for a run.

So, my machine did not budge. And, for the first time in eight years, I’m thinking of selling it.

By October, however, I will likely change my mind, but right now I am not thinking very positively.

The problem, however, is that my son-in-law will likely want it—just like he and my daughter have “borrowed”—note the word “borrowed’’– both my bow-rider and my 14-foot fishing boat, as well as most of my fishing gear.

That said, I will be borrowing it back in a few short weeks when the ice is finally gone, and the walleye season begins.

There is great walleye fishing in the Ottawa area within our hour’s drive of home, and I have already begun plotting out a plan of attack.

In fact, I still have the maps of the Rideau Lake system that I bought when I last lived here.

All the best spots are clearly marked.

Five stars represent the honey holes where I limited out within a half hour or so.

There are five of them.