Moose Country Minute – May 03 2014


It is not often that I agree with a Liberal, but Ontario’s Natural Resources Minister Dave Orazietti is not wrong when he says those suing the provincial government to stop the spring bear hunt have no concept of life in the true Great White North.
Now, as I write this, all I know is that two animal rights groups – the Animal Alliance of Canada and Zoocheck Canada – were trying to get an injunction earlier this week before the limited bear hunt was slated to begin three days ago.
They claim that the pilot bear hunt way up in our northern climes will cause cruelty to animals – orphaned cubs, et cetera – and is therefore both illegal and unconstitutional.
Orazietti argues, quite rightly in fact, that the law suit only demonstrates a real disconnect and lack of understanding with a certain segment of the population – the Leaside soccer moms, et cetera, my words not his – who do not realize that the bear population up North is getting a little too big and just a little too frisky.
Trust me, if the folks in Toronto’s lovely little Leaside enclave were being put in harm’s way by black bears, the smell of cordite would be mixing with the scent of forsythias.
But they aren’t.


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