Moose Country Minute – May 05 2018


Now that spring has finally sprung, the most dangerous species on the planet is now out in full force.

And I am talking, of course, of the urban bicyclist.

They do not care about the rules of the road. They run red lights and stop signs, they cut in-and-out of traffic. They ride on the sidewalks and run-down pedestrians, and they kick your car is they think you have invaded their space.

They are a menace.

Apparently, dooring them is against the law, which seems to me to be a little too harsh.

Here in the nation’s capital, the great outdoors has been taken over by bike lanes. In Toronto too.

Toronto has surrendered Bloor Street to the bike crowd, and don’t think for a second that it is not costing businesses along that thoroughfare a whole pile of money.

It’s ridiculous.

The other day in Ottawa, I damned near piled into a guy on a bike—all decked out in spandex, of course—who ignored my green light and his red and cut in front of me.

If I had seen him, I would have given the accelerator a good shot, and sent him into the middle of next week.

But he escaped and cursed me as if I had done something wrong despite of me having both the light in my favour as well as the right-of-way.

The progressives in our crowd are on the wrong side. If they think some idiot on a bike is the future, then they have another think coming.

I am not as pro-car as I am anti-bike—not because of the bikes themselves, but because of the jerks who ride them.