Moose Country Minute – May 06 2017


April showers bring May flowers, and all of that, but May also brings the opening of walleye season.

Up in my neck of the woods, which is Zone 15 in and around the Bancroft area that means the third Saturday of this month is good to go for pickerel.

Yes, it’s been a long winter.

The real fishing season doesn’t begin until June 24, however, which is when it becomes legal to fish for bass — largemouth and smallmouth.
The 24th of June is also St. Jean Baptiste Day, which has nothing to do with the fact that our cottage is on Baptiste Lake, but everything to do with bass fishing.

So folks in Quebec have two reasons to celebrate.

I have yet to look at the condition of my fishing tackle, but I suspect it will not be good.

The last time I went fishing in 2016, it was in the pouring rain.  It and coming down so hard that I had to pull the plug in my boat to drain the water on the way back to shore.

My tackle box is probably a bucket of rust, with hundreds of dollars in lures likely destined for the dump.

It costs money to be lazy.

Between now and then, I will attempt to find out where my fishing boat is stored. The good folks at Bancroft Sport and Marine winterized it for me, and then towed it off to who’s knows where, not that I asked.

Sometimes you just get too busy to be smart.

That’s my excuse anyway.

If I weren’t so damn smart, all my problems would have likely gone away a long time ago.

So there’s no one to blame but myself.


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