Moose Country Minute – May 10 2014


Once upon a time, I was willing to give David Suzuki the benefit of my doubt, but not anymore.
If this winter represented global warming, and the polar vortex was not a figment of our imaginations, then I think it is time Mr. Suzuki admitted he knows more about fruit flies than he knows about climate change.
The evidence against his global-warming theories should just about now be shattered.
The ice finally left Baptiste Lake a little less than two weeks ago. Mink Lake, which is just a few klicks north, had its ice leave last Friday, on May 2.
In all my years living most of my time north of the Madoc-Dixon Line, this is the longest winter I have ever witnessed.
My docks, by the way, suffered more damage this year with the ice out. While the cribs remained straight, and the decking did not come apart, the front end somehow got lifted 45 degrees and now looks more like a ski jump than anything else.
How this happened would earn an engineer a doctorate’s degree because, to the passerby, it looks damn near impossible to re-create.
Yet there it is, sticking up in the air like a jump ramp in a skateboard park.
Global warming did not do this.
I suggest David Suzuki come take a look for himself.


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