Moose Country Minute – May 13 2017


It would appear that the phrase about April showers bringing May flowers will have to be changed to May showers bring June …what? … black flies wearing rain coats?

As I write this, my docks on Bapstiste Lake are so far underwater that the half-barrels I use for flower containers look more like stranded Chinese junks.

I know Toronto and surrounding parts have experienced serious flooding over the past few weeks, and it was no different in my neck of the woods, which is the Bancroft area.

Entire roads have been washed out, basements have been flooded. The whole kit and caboodle.

Because Baptiste Lake produces the water that feeds the York River that flows through Bancroft, the dam has been held back to protect those downstream from getting more than they are already getting.

As a result, residents of Baptiste Lake, who are taxed to the hilt for having waterfront property, must now take another hit by way of high-water levels destroying docks and knocking out the underpins of boat houses.

There was some severe flooding up here a few years back and, as I wrote in another column, it would have been nice if Bancroft council had written a thank-you letter to all Baptiste Lakers thanking them for their selfless sacrifice.

No such letter ever came, of course.

That being the case, I suspect there will be no such letter coming this year either.

But, to everyone in Bancroft listening this morning, and there are quite a few fans to this show.

You’re welcome.

As always, our pain is your gain.

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