Moose Country Minute – May 19 2018


If you are thinking about coming to the nation’s capital for a little out-of-town trip, let me remind you that this is the last weekend of the annual Tulip Festival.

How’s that for excitement? Years ago, newspaper and magazine columnist Allan Fotheringham forever tagged Ottawa as “the town that fun forgot.”

He wasn’t wrong then; and he is not far from wrong now.

When a city of a million or so kicks off spring by celebrating tulips, even if there are more than a million of them, it doesn’t exactly create a buzz.

That will come at the end of the summer when pot smoking just for the fun of it will become legal.

The tulips, for those not in tune with history, began as a gift of 100,000 bulbs from the Dutch as a thank-you for freeing them from Nazi occupation at the end the Second World War, and for providing their future queen, Juliana, with a safe haven during the war’s duration.

Following the official Tulip Festival will be the unofficial Dandelion Festival, with those yellow-headed weeds popping up everywhere because we have banned the herbicides that kill them.

So, naturally, they have taken over—worse so that invasive species like Giant Hogweed, purple loosestrife and other nasty things of similar nastiness.

My dear old dad once tried to make something good from dandelions by attempting to turn them into wine.

Naturally it was a disaster.

Just thinking about it triggers the memories of hangovers.

Some things are better forgotten.