Moose Country Minute – May 20 2017


As I write this, the Ottawa River is roaring south to the St. Lawrence, and has already taken out scores of homes on the Quebec side due to extreme flooding.

On my lake, Baptiste Lake, the water levels are almost as high as they were a few years back when heavy rain and a quick snow melt led to the downstream flooding of the nearby town of Bancroft.

Isn’t this the time of year when smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass, begin their spawning season?

Will this year’s reproduction cycle be wiped out?

Now, on the days that I have gone fishing with Pete Bowman, he loves to point out the spawning beds of vacated bass, which are easy to spot when the water is clear.

But what if the lakes in which those bass call home have flooded way beyond their established banks?

And what about bass sanctuaries like the Ottawa River which has finally crested but is still flowing fast and furious.

I suspect the bass don’t stand a chance of having a successful spawn this year.

Angelo and Pete likely have answers to this, being acknowledged experts and all, but much of the reading I have done indicate an entire generation of bass have been destroyed before under similar circumstances.

Walleye too.

Then again, nature is nature, and there always seems to be a quid pro quo to everything.

Survival of the fittest, and all that.

Why I am still here if those rules apply to me is a question I cannot answer. My mother’s answer to living into his 90s.

Don’t stop breathing.


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