Moose Country Minute – May 26 2018


My wife of 34 years, whose idea of camping is a hotel room without a mini-bar, has somehow convinced herself that we need to buy a camping trailer.

Just a small one, she says. Something that is easy to haul around and requiring little maintenance.”

Trouble is, I think she is serious.

When you talk camper trailers, the Cadillac of them all is, of course, the Airstream.

One of its smallest trailers is called The Basecamp. It weighs in at 2,500 lbs, is 16 feet long, and sleeps two.

It also costs around $40,000. U.S. Ditto with the Airstream’s Bambi. So, they aren’t cheap.

Now that we have moved to Ottawa, and no longer live on the shores of Baptiste Lake, we have an abundance of toys that we already don’t access enough. There’s an 18-foot bowrider, a 16-foot fishing boat, a Ski-doo, and a 1995 BMW convertible that I want to get rid of until I take it out for a spin.

All these things have to be stored come winter, of course. Where does on put a camping trailer?

This is a question that requires an answer.

If all this makes you think I am rich, think again. The bowrider is 18 years old, the tin fishing boat even older and is powered by a 25 hp engine from the Seventies. The snow machine is now eight years old.

And all have to be insured.

I am hoping Karen changes her mind. She is the boss, after all. And, after 34 years of marriage, she doesn’t seem that she will be going away any time soon.