Moose Country Minute – November 08 2014


The calendar pinned to the wall of my office-cum-bunker was published in the USA, and has wild turkeys representing November — obviously because  Thanksgiving in America arrives on November 27.

The calendar also says today is a good day for fishing, but I think I will take a pass.

My 14-foot tinny with its 40-year-old vintage outboard is tucked away for the winter, so this leaves fishing from the dock as my closest outlet for any fishing yearnings I might have.

 In fact, I still have some worms in my dock shed. Should I use them up now, or set them free before the earth freezes?

 What would Jesus do? Then again, Jesus could look into the sky and produce loaves and fishes.

 I have no such powers.

Unless you are a hunter, which I am not, this is a dead time for unadventurous sportsmen.

 So I wait until the snow flies and the lake freezes to head out on the snowmobile trails which have been wondrous up in my neck of the woods.

Last year there was so much snow across the province that snowmobile tourists did not have to come to the Bancroft area where snow is a guarantee.

The trails, therefore, were less crowded — not great for tourism dollars but great for us locals.

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