Moose Country Minute – November 18 2017


I don’t know where you were last weekend, but unless you were listening to  this on the Internet in some warm and sunny climes, you were likely freezing your butt off.

Me? I got suckered by the warmth of October.

When I woke up Saturday morning to make my way to Remembrance Day at the War Memorial in Ottawa, I realized that my winter boots were still in storage.

Plus, I had no gloves and no toque.

It was freeze or not go.

When we were living on the shores of Baptiste Lake, up Bancroft way, we were ready for any type of weather, which we often got without warning.

We had a three-bedroom home with closet space for days. Winter clothes? In the back bedroom.

Winter boots? In the mud-room closet.

Now that we are in Ottawa, and living in an apartment, all our winter clothes are in a large storage locker at the southern end of town, not simply just down flight of stairs.

Ditto with my snowmobile gear.

Now my wife wants to start getting out the Christmas decorations. And, where are they?

In the storage locker, of course, and likely somewhere way at the back with no easy access, leaving me no choice but to damn near empty the whole thing to find what she wants.

Right now, I am kicking my own butt.

But I could use more.

I’m bending over right now. Give it a kick.


I needed that.