Moose Country Minute – November 25 2017


Both Angelo Viola and his trusty sidekick, Pete Bowman, are in the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame.

And they got there while still in their prime.

This is no easy feat.

In most businesses, especially sports, you don’t get into the hall of fame until your career is done.

Paul Kariya and Teemu Salane, for example, are being inducted this year into the NHL’s Hockey Hall of Fame — both of their careers coming to end due to concussions.

Me? I was bopped on the head by riot police in Prague in 1989 while covering the supposed Velvet Revolution that ended with Czech independence.

But, trust me, there is nothing velvet about a riot baton.

Did I receive a concussion? Who knows? Probably.

It would explain a lot of things.

On Tuesday, with Angelo in attendance, along with the producer-cohost of this show, Steve Labadie, I was inducted into the Canadian News Hall of Fame at a posh little fete at the National Club in Toronto.

I am Hall of Fame member No. 123, so it’s a relatively small club in a fairly large business, with most of the recipients either long retired or long dead. I am neither.

I am also the only member of the Hall of Fame who once tried out for the Toronto Blue Jays, and damn near made it if ask me. But I was almost in my prime then.

Had I been a few years younger, you would never have heard of Carlos Delgado, but I will leave that for another time.

Right now, I have to start thinking about the four newspaper columns I will have to write next week.

No rest for the weary.