Moose Country Minute – November 26 2016


According to the folks at Jack’s Butcher shop on Paudash Lake, one of the go-to places near my home in Bancroft for local deer hunters, the deer hunt has been fair to middling.

Penny, the owner-operator, had no exact idea of the number of deer they were turning into venison — too busy to take inventory but certainly dozens, with more arriving by the day — but if there was a drop in number it was likely because fewer tags were issued this year by the ministry.

Apparently deer up in my parts are dwindling, but scarcely a week goes by that I don’t come close to running one down.

Advice. If you’re in deer country, don’t drive at dusk but, if you do, be very, very alert.

In a recent press release, the local OPP here said half the recent collisions investigated involved unspecified animals.

My guess, all deer, although even a raccoon can do serious damage to a low-slung car.

Up here, you get raccoons the size of Smart cars.

My editor at Postmedia, who I mentioned in last week’s commentary, got skunked, and came home empty after four days at his family’s hunt camp near Bracebridge.

That said, a good time was had by all.

But that’s the deal, right. Today’s hunt camps are far from being simple adobes. Today, they have big-screen TVs, hot tubs, refrigerators dedicated solely to beer, and cook stoves that could be in most commercial restaurants.

Anyone us for a game of Texas Hold’em?

By the way, women up in my parts don’t sit at home during the hunt. They’re in the bush too, lots of them.

And they’re dead shots, as well, whether with a gun or a bow and arrow. The deer hardly stand a chance.


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