Moose Country Minute – October 01 2016



A bear ran across the road in front of me the other day, not close enough to nearly hit it, but close enough that I could see its eyes giving me the glare.

It dove into the ditch, and I stopped. We stared each other down, me from the safety of my car, of course, until it got bored and ambled off, disappearing into the underbrush.

This was less than a mile from our home.

Despite living in what could easily be described as in the woods, this is only the third bear I have seen up close in my 30-some years in the area.

As heard here before, there was the recent time I stepped out onto the porch around midnight during a heavy rain to see a yearling rolling around in the gravel on the driveway, scratching his back, and oblivious to my presence.

The first time was at our former cottage across the bay of Baptiste Lake where our first Airedale terrier, Yaz, along with my Uncle Jim’s Airedale, Duchess, had treed a bear in one of the few crab apple trees on the point.

We were able to get great pictures of this bear, up close and well defined, because that bear was not coming down until those two big dogs were no longer there and all the apples within in his reach had been eaten.

There was a story the other day of a man in northern Saskatchewan, up near La Ronge, who successfully fended off a bear attack with an empty wine bottle.

It would not be my weapon of choice.

That said, it worked. The next time we host a party, I must remember to stuff an empty wine bottle in my knapsack for the next time I go for a walk in the bush — just in case.

Until now I had thought bear spray was the ticket.


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