Moose Country Minute – October 07 2017


We have this 1995 BMW cabriolet, a convertible obviously, that I would dearly love to get rid of.

It’s the same every year, and then autumn arrives, and the urge to get rid of it fades as the autumn colours begin to break out, and the air cools.

Only then does it become a keeper.

There is nothing quite like driving with the top down on a cool autumn day taking in the mind-blowing colours that engulf Algonquin Park, the highlands of north Hastings, and the Gatineau Hills across the Ottawa River from Ottawa.

It is spectacular.

Driving an almost vintage Beemer, with that bullet-proof straight-six engine, only adds to the fun.

It loves hugging the curve.

Then it’s day is done, of course. The leaves start to fall, the air gets colder, and then the snow begins.

By this time, it is too late to sell it. It needs to find a place for winter storage, which is both a pain in the ass, and expensive.

This is when I curse it.

I found a place in Ottawa that will take it, a massive underground storage lot for boats and cars, but once it is in place, it is there until summer.

The place allows no access to it. Not to wash it, work on it, or just check it out.

I am now looking around for something else.

Come spring, I swear I am going to sell it, and rid myself of yet another toy that has worn out its welcome.

I have sworn this every year for the last 15.

Someday I will follow through.