Moose Country Minute – October 11 2014


With this being Thanksgiving weekend, it also marks what is usually the annual exodus of boats from the water.

Cottagers across the province who have not already fled the ugliness of this summer will be hauling their boats out of the water, and prepping them for winter storage.

If you haven’t already bought stocks in shrink wrap, it is likely too late.

My bowrider will likely come out tomorrow, since my daughter and my son-in-law are joining us for Thanksgiving and will therefore be put to work, also helping me haul out the dreaded swim raft — please reference commentaries passim — which never had a body lying on it all summer, not that there was much of a summer to begin with.

My wife still thinks the swim raft is necessary for two reasons. One, it keeps boats from coming too close to our docks and, two, you never know when we might have grandchildren.

At my age, I cannot hold my breath much longer,  but I will nonetheless give it my best shot.

My 14-foot tinny with the 25 horse-power Johnson will likely stay put, on the off chance that I will go muskie fishing in November.

I say “off chance” because I have not ventured out muskie fishing in November for almost 10 years.

But you never know.


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