Moose Country Minute – October 12 2013


While I hate giving the NDP any credit whatsoever, I have to hand to John Vanthof, the MPP for Timiskaming-Cochrane, for pushing the Wynne Liberals to stop ignoring the province’s nuisance bear problem.
Here’s his quote. “Will it take a bear on the south lawn of Queen’s Park to force the ministry to do its job and manage wildlife?”
Having been at Queen’s Park for a month now, I’m thinking a bear mauling tourists on the south lawn might be a good strategy for those wanting a return of the spring bear hunt, and to reconsider its stupid decision to scrap the Bear Wise program.
What got Vanthof worked up was the recent black bear mauling of a woman walking her dogs just outside of Peterborough.
It should have raised serious red flags about the increase in the bear population and motivate the government to get smart and start listening to the northerners who know all to well the bear population is getting out of control.
Now that former MNR cabinet minister Jerry Ouellette is now the Tory critic for that ministry, maybe he can put his official opposition clout to work to bring some sense back to Queen’s Park.
If not, John Vanthof might just have to unleash a wild bear onto the front lawn of Queen’s Park.
Now, what a photo-op that would be!

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