Moose Country Minute – October 15 2016


       One may wonder what high energy costs in Ontario has to do with the outdoors, but it is in rural Ontario — my neck of the woods — where more and more people are unable to afford their hydro bills.

Many of these folks are the hunters, and the fishermen, and the outfitters who hunt and fish, and provide guiding services, to put food on their tables.

And the Wynne Liberals’ screw-up of their green energy file has these generally lower-income families struggling.

So it has everything to do with the outdoors and with the sustainability of a rural lifestyle.

Our show’s producer, John Winters, recently sent me a link to a story where University of Waterloo researchers were awarded a fake Nobel Prize by Harvard University — kind of like a razzy award —for an actual study they did on bullshit, as in claptrap conversations.

Unfortunately Harvard does not give out its bogus prizes to politicians, or the Wynne government would be multiple winners, especially for the bullshit they spread at the outset that renewable energy would be Ontario’s savior.

By the way, another winner of the fake Nobel Prize was an Egyptian urologist who had done an actual study on the effects of wearing polyester, wool or cotton trousers on the sex lives of rats.

Unfortunately the urologist died before finishing his study so the best advice I can give is don’t let your rats wear trousers, because you never know.

As for the Wynne Liberals, even if we vote them out in 2018, the damage done is almost irretrievable.

And that’s no bulls**t.

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