Moose Country Minute – October 18 2014


You know you are not in the city anymore when you walk into your local appliance store looking for a gas range and the first thing they ask is if it is for the hunt camp.

Yes, the bow season is upon us here in the Near North of Hastings County and, whether you are out to bag a bear or a moose, or bear a bag of bait, hunt camps are being readied for the camouflage crowd as the orange blaze season quickly approaches.

Hunt camps are rarely rustic anymore.

Up in my neck of the woods, all the comforts of home are as vogue as moose racks and deer antlers.

Propane generators power the 50-inch flat screen TVs and the DVD players. There are fridges and freezers, wood stoves and propane stoves as nice as the one I just purchased, running hot and cold water and even flush toilets emptying into septic tanks.

Forget candles, lanterns, wood stoves, ice boxes and two-hole outhouses.

No, the hunt camps of today have wet bars that would rival a commercial venture, and enough beds to rival the Have A Nap Motel on Toronto’s Kingston Road — complete with satellite WiFi and TV.

Since I don’t hunt, and don’t drink anymore, this leaves up a creek without a paddle until the hunting season is over.

Then I wait to join the snowmobile crowd.


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