Moose Country Minute – October 21 2017


Now that Thanksgiving weekend has long come and gone, and all my family obligations have been fulfilled, I plan to use this weekend to indulge myself with a little fall fishing.

My 14-foot tinny with its ancient 25-hp engine has made its way from Baptiste Lake to Ottawa, and is now parked on its trailer next to my daughter’s garage in Kemptville.

From her place to a familiar launch ramp along the Rideau River is no more than a 10-minute drive.

So, off I will go. Solo.

It’s been a busy summer. Besides packing up an entire house, and downsizing to a two-bedroom apartment, there has not been any time for me.

Now it is me time. Finally.

I don’t know what I will be fishing for. Likely walleye.

Years ago, I went out fishing with Ottawa-area fishing legend, Big Jim McLaughlin, and he took me to a spot on the Rideau along a weed line that was teeming with walleye.

I’ll even tell you where it is.

It’s south of the Swan on the Rideau pub, a very fine watering hole if there ever was one, on the approach to Kemptville Creek.

Just look for Buoy 222 and you’re there. I remembered it by linking it to an old TV show called Room 222.

And, here we are, a good 20 years later, and I still remember.

It was back then that I set a record at the Swan for the most pints of Kilkenny in a single setting.

It was 17.

And, no, I did not drive home.

The pub’s owner did.