Moose Country Minute – October 22 2016


I have no idea when in hell seagulls get out of Dodge, but they are supposedly migratory birds that are therefore protected as well as supposedly endangered.

Endangered? How is that still possible?

The other day, there was so many seagulls sitting at the end of my dock, squawking away, that, with a proper shotgun load I could have taken out a half-dozen of them with one pull of the trigger.

But that would be against the law.

Once upon a time, seagulls were considered an endangered species, but nowadays they likely outnumber on one small lake the population of people living in the nearest town. And what good are they?

According to information I could find, seagulls perform a service by eating food scraps left behind by people, and by chowing down on roadkill along the side of the highways.

Fine. But do we need a million of them?

And why can’t they be culled down to near endangerment? It is not as if they are not prolific breeders.

Seagulls, by the way, are apparently very scared of owls. I can understand this, which is why I put a fake owl on my swim raft to keep them away.

Within a day, however, seagulls were perching atop that owl as if it were a statue along the beach.

I then tried an osprey kite, an expensive item which seemed to work until it was ripped off its tether during a thunderstorm and was shattered on the rocks.

That’s why I put the owl into play.

What I would love to put into play, of course, is the shotgun. Just for a day or two.

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