Moose Country Minute – October 29 2016



Most folk who fish recreationally know or have at least heard of Darryl Choronzey, a member of the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and an irascible old coot, which I say with all due respect.

The Cronz has been bugging me for years to write about the waste of taxpayers’ money that’s been spent in trying to re-introduce Atlantic salmon back into Lake Ontario.

Millions of millions of dollars, in fact.

And he is right.

It is a waste. Over the last 26 years, in fact, the MNR, with the financial support of other taxpayer-funded agencies like the LCBO, have dumped almost eight million Atlantic salmon into tributaries on Lake Ontario’s north shore, as well as millions of eyed eggs, to have all of nine Atlantic salmon return to the Streetsville dam on the Credit River.

So it has been a colossal waste of time and money, and bad use of hatcheries which would be better off incubating other sports fish species that are needed in trout lakes elsewhere in the province, and would actually help promote tourism. But no. That would make too much sense.

Authorities have been trying to get Atlantic salmon back in Lake Ontario since they started dying off in the mid-1880s. That’s right, since 1865, two years before Confederation.

The result after millions upon millions of Atlantic salmon being stocked in rivers on Lake Ontario’s north shore, and millions upon millions of dollars being spent?

How about 33 Atlantic salmon returning to that first barrier on the Credit River in Streetsville in 2011; only 20 in 2012; and a measly nine in 2013.

It’s a pretty dismal track record.


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