Moose Country Minute – September 09 2017


While it might seem like I am jumping the gun, it snowed last week in Labrador City, meaning winter is not as far away as most autumn lovers might think.

So I am getting ahead of the curve, and searching out a snowmobile club in the Ottawa area now that we have left the Bancroft area behind.

I am down to two. One is the Osgoode-Carleton club just south of Ottawa, and the other is in Kemptville, home of my daughter and her young family.

Have I told you Erin and Drew made us grandparents about 20 months ago? A little girl named Briar?

She may be too young to go sledding, but not my much.

My snow machine is currently safe as houses in a barn just outside Kemptville, thanks to generous friends of our daughter. And guess what?  The snowmobile trail goes right through the farm’s property, seeing as it belongs to farmer who is a supporter of the sport, and not putting up barriers as too many landowners are doing out of false fears.

So all I have to do is drive up to the barn door in my Jeep, fire up the machine, and head out on the trails.

I can hardly wait. New territory and new adventures.

All I need now is to find a riding partner who can pack up at short notice and hit the trails with me, much like my old pal on Baptiste Lake, Wally McColl.

Wally, of course, is in the same dilemma since we were riding partners for close to 10 years.

Although it is done, it is unwise to travel back trails on your own because you never know what will happen.

The machine could crap out. You could be in an accident.

Riding alone? Not very smart.


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