Moose Country Minute – September 21 2013


Now that I am a political hack, and working in an environment where work weeks go unmeasured, I am considering throwing the fishing rod and a small tackle box in the trunk of my car.
Right now, tossing the line into the Don River, or down by the water-treatment plant in Toronto, is looking more likely than fishing for walleye on Baptiste Lake.
It would have to be catch and release, of course.
Catching a fish that had spent its life in the warm water off a treatment plant might be fun, but I suspect that, beyond it being wormy, it might taste more like what had been flushed down a million toilets the night before.
I’m probably exaggerating, of course, but what the mind envisions is often impossible to erase.
“This fish tastes like …,” you’d think.
And your mind would say, “Why wouldn’t it, you fool?
“Just look at the water it came out of.”
Today I am in London. The one in Ontario.
Before heading there, I checked out YouTube and found a online show called Ghetto Fishing, and a young man catching a Thames River walleye. At the top of the screen, you could see a highway overpass and a string of hydro lines.
The kid showed off the fish on his smart-phone video. It looked a little scrawny. Unhealthy even.
At the end of the clip, he threw the fish back.
Can’t say as I blame him.

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