Moose Country Minute – September 23 2017


Despite one of the rainiest summers in memory, the chap who bought our home-slash-cottage on Baptiste Lake seems to have done well getting his fishing line wet.

He sent me an email the other day, with a picture attached showing him hoisting up a good-sized walleye.

It became breakfast, he said.

He was standing in our former kitchen when the picture was taken, and I suspect the frying pan was near by.

Good for him.

He gave me a quick rundown of the fish he had caught this summer. Lots of walleye, most which he released and, of course, lots of smallies and large mouth.

Baptiste Lake has lots of those babies.

What surprised me, however, was the fact that he had also caught a lot of perch.

We have had a cottage on Baptiste Lake since the mid-Eighties, but I cannot remember ever catching a perch.

He claimed he caught them in Hay Bay and Dog Bay, which is quite possible because those are two places I never spent much time fishing because they were always hit and miss for me, meaning mostly miss.

This is good news, of course, we those who live or cottage on Baptiste Lake, which is up near Bancroft way, because I was beginning to fear the introduction of grass pike would damage the fishery.

The grass pike got into the north end of the lake a few years ago when I beaver dam broke apart in heavy rains.

Before that, there were a few Northern pike and more than a few musky, which I occasionally hooked into while fishing the shallows for bass. But never any perch.