Moose Country Minute – September 28 2013


When the bass reason opens next year, and if I manage to steer clear of the first few days, I will no longer have to by a fishing licence for Ontario.
I will officially become a geezer, or worse, a member of the seniors’ fraternity.
I look every mile of it, if course, greyish curly hair, a sun-drenched moustache and not the kind of physique that drives women mad.
As it stands today, I go completely unnoticed by younger women who, in turn still tend to give me neck and shoulder pain if my neck turns a little too quickly.
I am, in a word, invisible.
When did this happen? Probably a long time ago.
The thing about fish, though, is that fish don’t care how old you are. All they care about is the hook in their mouth, and that there is some force pulling them to the surface for who-knows-what reason.
It’s not being able to fish without a licence that has me thinking in such a positive manner. It’s the fact that I have forgotten in the past to even get a licence, or I have let my sports fishing card expire.
Well, those days will soon be over.
All I have to remember is the date and year I was born. If I recall it was sometime in the middle of the last century.

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