Moose Country Minute – September 30 2017


Zoomer magazine, the magazine for geezers, is apparently looking to find the province’s most vibrant, inspiring and dynamic snowmobiler.

That would not be me.

The magazine has hooked up with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, and is planning on having the winner featured in an upcoming edition.

The mag is looking for nominations, the only real qualifier being that you have to be 45 or older, and have a passion of snowmobiling.

Don’t be shy, says the magazine, i could be you.

Well, no it won’t be me.

By the way, it is only 12 more Saturdays before the start of winter, so it is not too early to start planning  —  buy your trail pass earlier, and save some money, and get the old machine tuned up and ready to go.

Mine is currently in a barn south of Ottawa in Kemptville which, as luck would have it, is within feet of the trail system.

All I have to do is fire it up and head out.

I suspect the winner of Zoomer’s contest will be someone who does the hard slog for his or her local club, and is not just tearing up the trails like I do.

It takes a lot of work getting the trails ready for snow, clearing away trees and dead branches, fixing bridges and replacing signage.

And then, once the snow flies, there is all the grooming that must be done to keep everything in tip-top shape, usually starting around midnight and working through until dawn.

Me, I am just an abuser.


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