Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada opening this fall in Toronto
Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada opening this fall in Toronto

The Outdoor Journal – July 20 2013


With the humidex soaring over 40°C, the weather has been heating up…. Stay cool and listen to the awesome show we have for you this week.
Paul Haefling, a lawyer with Lyme Disease, will be discussing his concerns with the Ministry of Health and raising awareness on the disease. Then, General Manager of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Peter Doyle will be here to tell us how progress is going on Toronto’s next biggest attraction!
Klotz Lake Camp’s Toni Moroz will tell us about her lodge and Coleman Canada’s Brand Manager Amy Williams will be talking about some great new gear for the outdoors!
Travel with us to Russell Thibodeau’s Green Wilderness Lodge near Gogama for great hunting packages. All this and more on this week’s Outdoor Journal!

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Protect yourself against Lyme Disease infected deer ticks by using Muskol containing DEET!


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  2. by Cheryl Abbate on August 22, 2013  10:39 am Reply

    This unfortunate preventable disease is wreaking havoc with the lives of many Canadians, including myself. Everything Paul Haefling has said is true and accurate. Lyme Disease leaves people living with a wide range of disabling afflictions which could be avoided altogether if early, accurate testing and treatment were available.
    It boggles the mind to wonder WHY our own Ministry of Health allows patients to become disabled, unless there is some ulterior motive in WANTING us to become sick, and stay sick. Ultimately, most of us afflicted with this illness are forced to go to the US for both diagnosis and treatment, because it is denied us here, and spend many thousands of dollars on medication and medical testing, not to mention the travel expenses.
    Many of us are no longer able to hold a job due to limitations caused by Lyme. There needs to be an honest reality check on the impact the inaction of the Ministry of Health has caused to the lives of the thousands of persons afflicted with Lyme. When a health issue of this magnitude continually goes ignored, there will be a backlash of epidemic proportions. It is right around the corner, and to a lesser degree is already here.

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