Outdoor Journal Radio – April 22 2017


Angelo Viola is in Las Vegas attending the 2017 NAB Show. Filling in for him on this week’s ODJ Radio Show is Pete Bowman, co-host of The Fish’n Canada Show, and Steve Niedzwiecki, owner of Chaudiere Lodge.

Brian Pallock from Dive Source, joins Pete & Steve to talk about scuba diving courses. Brian leads groups of novice and advanced divers on trips throughout Ontario.

Jenny Brown is a Level 3 nationally certified cycling trainer, and a former elite competitor. Jenny joins Pete & Steve to discuss her views on cycling as a fitness option. There are a number of cycling clubs for women located across Ontario, for those who would like to take up the sport.

Recent genetic testing of pen raised Atlantic Salmon in the coastal waters of British Columbia, shows the presence of Heart and Skeletal Muscular Inflammation (HSMI). This disease can run rampant in fish farms, as has happened in Norway. Stan Proboszcz from Watershed Watch Salmon Society, joins Pete & Steve to talk about the conflict of mandates in the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and how this disease poses a huge risk to wild salmon.

The open water fishing season is just around the corner, and Hearst Air Service offers remote wilderness fishing for huge northern pike on the Attawapiskat River system. Melanie Veilleux from Hearst Air Service will join Pete & Steve to talk about the trip of a lifetime to Quantz and Napken Lakes.


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