Outdoor Journal Radio – August 18 2018


Debbie Hillyer from Fish Ability joins Angelo with a story about teaching kids with
disabilities, how to fish, and how to live release the catch.
Is a cottage a good investment? What are the tax implications and how do you
avoid unnecessary taxes and family disputes over a vacation property? Tim
Cestnick is a cottage owner, chartered accountant, and tax expert, and he shares
his advice on cottage ownership.

On the Go Fish in Ontario segment, we’re headed to the Wolseley River, a
tributary of the Upper French River. Marie Schild from Fish Tale Cabins and
Campground will join Angelo. These waters offer all the warm water species,
including walleye, muskie, and northern pike.

This year’s winner of the “Best of Show” award at the biggest fishing trade show in
the U.S. is Garmin. Danny Thompson joins Angelo to talk about the award, and
the features of the Panoptix Livescope.

Bryce Carlson just set a record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. It took 38
days to complete the 3,200 km journey. His boat capsized several times, the
electronics and GPS were damaged, and he faced 30 foot swells. Bryce joins
Angelo with this incredible tale.

Play it Safe with Retired Staff Sergeant of the OPP Bradley Schlorff – Stearns

Lets get outside with Coleman Canada and  Retired Park Superintendent – Algonquin Provincial Park – John Winters

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In Ontario.com with Fish Tale Cabins and Campground

Gord Pyzer – The Doc –  Outdoor Canada Magazine

Debbie Hillyer – Fish Ability Sports Club – Bewdley (near Peterborough)

Tim Cestnick – Our Family Office – Toronto

Danny Thompson – Regional Sales Manager – GARMIN

Bryce Carlson – Record Holder North Atlantic Crossing – Cincinnati, USA