Outdoor Journal Radio – August 19 2017


Rob Lennox from Carleton University joins Angelo for a discussion about the factors that determine whether a fish will hit the bait. Is it the lunar cycle, time of the day, the weather, or is it the bait selection? Angelo is interested and has his own theories.

How many black bears are there in Ontario? Darren Elder and the staff at the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, set barbed wire hair traps in June. Does this give an accurate population estimate? Join Angelo and Darren as they discuss the survey methods and the results.

Will Chen from Curtis Point Cottages on Rice Lake joins Angelo, for the Go Fish in Ontario segment. The fishing has been good, as long as fishermen use a chartreuse coloured bait! Why chartreuse? Will is an angler, and he shares his secrets for fishing Rice Lake.

The Happy Camper, Kevin Callan is ready for another great wilderness canoe trip. Kevin is the author of 15 books on the joys of backcountry canoe adventures and
wilderness camping. Where’s Kevin going for his next adventure, and can he convince Angelo to paddle with him?

Play it Safe with Retired Staff Sergeant of the OPP Bradley SchlorffStearns 

Lets Get Outside with Coleman  and John Winters

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Go Fish In Ontario.com with Curtis Point Cottages

Gord Pyzer – Outdoor Canada Magazine

Kevin Callan – “The Happy Camper” – Expert Wilderness Canoeist and Camper

Darren Elder – Regional Terrestrial Ecosystems Science Specialist – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources – Northwest Region, Thunder Bay

Rob Lennox – Marine Fisheries Biologist – Cooke Lab, Carleton University