Outdoor Journal Radio – December 02 2017


Angelo is joined by Keith Beasley, from Canada’s most popular TV hunting adventure program, Canada in the Rough . Keith will talk about the challenges and rewards while in search of the perfect hunting trip.
How much longer will the Toronto Zoo have the pandas from China? Katie Gray from the zoo has an update on the end of the panda stay in Toronto, and their upcoming trip to Calgary. The loan of the pandas is a fascinating story about the captive breeding program, as part of a global effort to restore the dwindling number of pandas. Katie also has an update on the Christmas programs at the zoo.

Oceana Canada tested fish sold at restaurants, sushi vendors and grocery stores in Ottawa. You’ll be surprised at the results. Angelo gets all the details from Josh Laughren, about how we are played for suckers! On the ‘Go Fish in Ontario’ segment, the Elk Lake Eco Centre is featured. Taylor

D’Arcey joins Angelo to talk ice fishing, snowmobiling and other winter sports on the shore of the Montreal River.

Garmin electronics has a great line of watches for athletes and those who are active in the outdoors. Brendan Scarpone joins Angelo with his recommendations
for a great Christmas gift selected to fit your outdoor interests.


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Gord Pyzer – Outdoor Canada Magazine

Keith Beasley – Canada in the Rough

Josh Laughren Executive Director – Oceana Canada

Katie Gray – Supervisor of Public Relations and Events – The Toronto Zoo

Brendan Scarpone – GARMIN