Outdoor Journal Radio – November 03 2018


Tim Drew is the Manager of the White Lake Fish Culture Station at Sharbot Lake. Tim will update Angelo on the number of hatcheries operating in Ontario, and the number and species of fish planted through Ontario’s fish stocking program. This year walleye will be raised in tanks in one hatchery in Ontario, a challenging operation for the hatchery staff.

The Chaga mushroom king, Jerry Ouellette, is back from the mushroom harvest in Northern Ontario. Chaga mushrooms have long been known for their medicinal benefits. Will Jerry share any secrets about where he finds the mushrooms? Al Errington is Angelo’s guest in the Go Fish in Ontario segment. Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort is a fly in remote operation in the Algoma region, with excellent fishing for walleye and northern pike. Resort guests rate this property as 5 stars on Trip Advisor.

In many areas of Ontario, the moose population is in decline. Dr. Pete Pekins from the University of New Hampshire put radio collars on 179 moose calves over a 2 year study period. The mortality was 70% and he explains why the numbers are so high, and how this is likely to continue in the future

Play it Safe with Retired Staff Sergeant of the OPP Bradley Schlorff

Retired Park Superintendent – Algonquin Provincial Park – John Winters

Go Wild with Black Angus Fine Meats and Game

Go Fish In Ontario.com with Errington’s Wilderness Island Resort

Gord Pyzer – The Doc –  Outdoor Canada Magazine

Tim Drew – Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – Manager – White Lake Fish Hatchery – Sharbot Lake

Jerry Ouellette – Chaga Health and Wellness – Oshawa

Pete Pekins – Professor of Natural Resources and the Environment – University of New Hampshire