Outdoor Journal Radio – November 10 2018


This is the Remembrance Day tribute to our veterans past and present. Trout Unlimited Niagara are teaching service men and women, the art of fly fishing. Dennis Edell is Angelo’s guest, with a fascinating story about “Healing Waters” and the volunteer efforts to support injured veterans.

General Rick Hillier, former Commander of the Canadian Armed Forces, reports from Ottawa. There are many ways to show support for veterans. General Hillier will offer his thoughts on how we can show our appreciation.

On the Go Fish in Ontario segment, Claire Henderson from Henderson’s Outposts joins Angelo. The fishing on Ivanhoe Lake near Chapleau is outstanding. For those who are willing to work a little harder, there’s a portage into a remote area for big northern pike.

Dr. Stephanie Westlund has researched PTSD among the 25 million veterans in North America. Dr. Westlund is the author of “Field Exercises: How Veterans Are Healing Themselves Through Farming and Outdoor Activities”. Angelo has long maintained that solitude and wilderness relaxes and rejuvenates, and it appears that the research supports this point of view.


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